Your Company’s Digital Nervous System, Designed for Your Unique Business Needs

The software that runs your business contains vital data for manufacturing, accounting, logistics, e-commerce, sales, and more. When all that information comes together in a coherent way, you transform your operations into customer value and business profitability.OSI leverages enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, built with open source code and best practices, to develop an integrated, agile, and precision-tailored digital nervous system for your company. Simplify your systems and processes—and maximize performance and profitability—with OSI’s unique combination of business process and open source integration expertise.


Enhance customer relationships by bringing customer data across all business units into focus


Enhance quality and efficiency by integrating your accounting systems and gaining accurate profit and loss analysis

Project Management

Advance and simplify future phases of work by optimizing the more critical parts of your business systems.

Data Integration

Make faster, more accurate decisions by supplying your teams with timely, integrated data and informationAccounting analysis.

Field Service Management

Synchronize field service operations with back-office processes to enable exceptional customer service


Improve your online sales by combining order taking, accounting, administration, operations and fulfillment data in one system Data