Benefits Of GPS Tracking App Development

Business & Sales forecasting

Food ordering app allows the food joints, restaurants and other stakeholders in this business to predict and forecast the sales and business revenue.

Expanded market reach

Thanks to food ordering apps restaurants can enjoy wider market reach way beyond their physical locations and can garner optimum business presence.

Customer Relationship Management

Food ordering apps also allows restaurants and food businesses to build and nurture customer relationships through customer-friendly offers, promotions and personalisation.

Customer can book easily

Food ordering apps allows customers to order and book their favourite delicacies instantly without the slightest difficulty or complications.


Food ordering apps also offers a low cost option to reach customers and take on the growth opportunity.

Easy Online Payment

Food ordering apps makes it extremely easy for the customers to make online payment without any worry for handling cash or other means.

Positive customer service

Food ordering apps offering real time Chatbot messaging, phone call and live tracking services offer unmatched customer service.

Higher order accuracy

Since these apps allow customers to make precise choice of foods and customise the orders, there is no chance of any dispute about incorrect orders.

Fast and quick order processing

As soon as a customer makes an order the app automatically sends it to the restaurants and starts following up. This ensures quick order processing.

Offers and deals are the main part

To add more value to the food ordering experience, these apps always offer lucrative offers and deals for the customers.

GPS enabled online food delivery system

Thanks to the inbuilt GPS tracking map, the customers, the restaurants and the delivery valets can constantly remain updated about each other’s locations.

Customers can order food online with just one click

Customer App

Search foods online

The customer app allows browsing and seeing the menu and all food items of various restaurants as per their location and preferred food choices.

Check details

The app always helps users to stay updated about the food prices, ingredients, preparation, cuisine and other details .

Order online

With a food ordering app on their screen customers can easily add their preferred food in cart, provide shipping details and place the order instantly.

Pay online

The customer-side of the food ordering app allows customers to make payment through net banking transfer, COD, digital wallets, PayPal, and other methods..

Reviews and ratings

Customers can also give their honest feedback through reviews and ratings about the food quality, taste and several other factors.

Get cashback

Users through these apps can also opt for a variety of offers, discounts and cashback options.

Avail offers/view offers

Users can also browse foods based on available offers and promo codes and order foods with best price and offer.

Check order history

The customer app also allows every customer to see their order history in detail along with the details for each restaurant and food item.

Live tracking

Through GPS enabled map customers can track their food delivery and can see the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

Restaurant App & Panel

Profile Management

The food ordering app allows restaurants to create their profile with details like addresses, food images, and a host of other necessary details.

Food Category Management

The app also allows the participating restaurants to create food menu comprising both all categories such as starter, main course, beverages, desserts veg, non-veg, etc.

Food Listing Management

Restaurants can also have a very very specific food listing with a variety of categories and all essential details such as food prices, ingredients and estimated time for preparation.

Order Management

Restaurants can also enjoy a very robust order management system that allows communication through push notifications, email and messaging.

Driver Management

Restaurants can also provide the rider details, track availability of the driver in real time and accordingly assign delivery jobs to riders.

User management

Restaurants through the app can deal with the order history, preferred dishes of individual users and can send customers various offers.

Driver Tracking

Restaurants after assigning jobs to drivers can actually guide the drivers about the best and time-saving delivery route and do live tracking of driver movement.

Review management

As and when customers drop reviews, restaurants can see and respond to them and take measures to improve the quality of service.

Loyalty management

Restaurants can also provide offers and promo codes to both new and existing customers and can boost loyalty through discounts and special offers.

Super Admin Panel

User Management

Admin of the app can easily see user listing, number of users, specific user details, order history, payment details and other important information.

Driver Management

The admin panel can check out driver profiles, individual driver information and can drop drivers from the list based on complaints.

Subscription Management

The admin also manages all the restaurant subscriptions on the basis of which the listing of the restaurants is decided.

Payment Management

The Admin panel also allows total control over payment management and taking care of restaurant withdrawal requests, customer payment dispute requests, etc.

Restaurant Management

The admin panel can track the restaurants in list and various listed food items based on different categories and various details including price.


Admin panel will provide access to different reports corresponding to orders, sales, purchase, and users.

Driver Tracking App

Profile Management

The driver tracking app will furnish the driver profile with all driver information, get admin approval of the driver and help integrating as a driver for the service..

Set availability

Drivers can show their availability on the basis of which restaurants can actually assign delivery jobs to them.

Get the pickup notification

Driver through the app receives push notifications, email or sms whenever new delivery job is assigned to them. The same notification will allow them accepting or rejecting the order.

Route & Customer Details

Driver through the app becomes informed about the food pickup and drop location, customer details and GPS based route to reach customer’s place at the earliest.

Track the route

On the way to the customer’s place the drivers can track the route on live map and after delivery the real time information is sent back to the admin.

Get a customer feedback

Once order has been delivered, driver can take customer signature and feedback.