User Panel

Login & Register

User can login & register in site.

Profile Management

Manage his/her profile.

Search & View

User can search and see lists of available courses.

Detailed view

Contact tutor, check availability, check detailed overview of the course.

Course selection & purchase

user can purchase any course, pay by visa or mastercard.

Order History

User can see his/her purchased courses history.

Set availability and Attend

Can see course details and fix zoom meeting.

Mentor Panel

Login & Register

User need to register with their credentials and create and use login ID and password.

Profile Management

The mentor panel will have access to all user profiles

List of Courses

The mentor panel will have a detailed list of courses and curriculums.


The mentor panel will showcase a historical account of the user progress through the curriculum.

Schedule a meeting

The mentor panel will help scheduling meetings and study sessions between users and mentors.

Online meeting

The mentor app will also help conducting online meetings and study sessions between users and mentors.

Admin Panel

User Management

Can manage users, add/edit/delete.

Mentor Management

Can manage mentors.

Reviews Managemement

User can place a reviews for a mentor and according to reviews and ratings their place in the site will be decided.

Payment Management

Can manage payment or fees for each courses.

Benefits Of Elearning Website

Anywhere-anytime access

Help learners with anytime-anywhere access to courseware.

Custom module for learners

Elearning websites can also allow learning ability of the participants.

Equipped for hands-on training

Thanks to the latest technologies like AR, VR, 3D photography.

Affordable education

E-learningwebsites allowing institutions makes education more affordable.