What is Comex

COMEX serves as the primary clearinghouse for Gold, Silver and Copper futures, all of which are traded in standardized contract sizes, as well as a mini and/or micro version. Other futures contracts traded on the COMEX include aluminum, palladium, platinum, and steel
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Automatic Signal generate by software and other techniques make it easier to identify patterns to our Research Analyst team that might otherwise not be detected by the human eye.


To play winning trade in COMEX market is required in depth knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis. With higher return in COMEX market, higher risk is also involved. We have a separate team of research experts to provide best guidance to COMEX trader. If you are looking for best guidance in COMEX trading our COMEX Signals service will be best for you.

We at Equidious Research keeping in mind the risk involved in commodities trading and the nature of intraday volatility, equip the traders and scalpers with trading signals, trading strategies, intraday signals, positional signals, intraday recommendations in Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Copper, Zinc, Lead and Aluminium.

We have designed our product keeping in mind the technicalities of market. We study the price volatility, chart patterns , fundamental aspects and come up with intraday trading signals/recommendation/advice for you in gold, silver, copper, crude oil , natural gas and other base metal traded in COMEX.


This package has been added by the Paramount Infotech for the clients who demand for high accurate signals to get higher profit on daily & weekly basis. In this service we provide Intraday signals, Swing trading calls and short term signals to get maximum profit from Forex trading. This service is highly customized services for the traders who wants to trade on maximum number of calls per day. This package is specially designed for the HNI (High Net worth Individual) traders who keeps a big portfolio for trading amount and looking for higher care for their portfolio.

Personalized Service : For providing high care to the clients portfolio the clients profile directly assigned to a currency Research Analyst to take care of the fund in much better way. Currency analyst provide the signals as per the requirement of the clients. In this service as clients profile are under direct observation of the currency analyst it results in a faster and real time updates on the trading signals also.

Although one can make significant profits by getting involved in the market by using our Comex Signals. Our research team is devoted to designing the Comex Signals depending upon the needs and interests of the clients.

Our research team includes highly experienced analysts who focus on the quality of the Signal and provide the best risk: reward ratio and providing accurate recommendations to the clients. Also, include Risk management before generating high-quality Comex Signals to our customers.